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Howdy, DA. It's been quite some time. I've decided to make my return, get back into art, and revamp my entire page on here. I will most likely be deleting most of my deviations, but I hope to be making much more art in the near future which I will post here. I'd like to talk a little bit about what's been going on since I left.

This year has easily been the most exciting, painful, adventurous, successful, and fulfilling year of my entire life.

It all started not that far from a year ago now. My Girlfriend at the time in a long term relationship left me. No more lady, and I had to leave our cat behind (I still miss him from time to time :3). The first 6 months of that were probably the most painful of my entire life. Almost made some very bad decisions during that time. One good decision I made though was getting back in shape. Got myself up to doing 300 sit ups and 200 push ups every other day during that time. I can still do it pretty easily but I don't exercise as often now, hoping to change that.

But now for the fun stuff this year has provided! Sometime along the timeline, I went on an impromptu road trip to Texas with two lady friends of mine and we met up with a male friend. Something about timing worked out perfectly about that weekend. Really I guess things started a few months before that. I went vegan, which has been the most fulfilling experience of my entire life thus far, I started listening to Paul Baribeau and his song "Ten Things" really sparked something within me, and I went on a road trip where I caught up with some old friends.
But Texas is where the awesome started to begin. I went down there for direct action training in context of the XL pipeline. Unfortunately I haven't been able to make it back down there to help with the struggle :/. After I came back from that trip, I felt okay. I started making lots of new close friends, most of which were previously my comrades. And it started a whole summer and now fall of new experiences.
In the last year I've changed so much, I've finally decided to live my ethics no matter what, and that all the institutions and people that try to stop me, aren't going to.
This year I started drinking, I started having casual sex, I started smoking weed, I started a website, I started meditating, got a minor in possession before i turned 21, got several tickets, I met Bill Nye, Neil Hamburger, Mike H, Timmy Williams, Mac Lethal, and so many other interesting characters. I've gone to lots of protests, vintage film screenings, concerts, etc. I dropped out of college. My favorite cat ran away. :( I had my friend live with me for 4 months. I realized I could be interested in dating again, and also that I don't need to to be content with life. There's so much that happened this year I can't even remember it all right now, but it's just been a major paradigm shift in my life and my happiness. I realized how to get over the depressing weight thats been on me my entire life. And it feels fucking good. I've been making a lot of new connections, and have been super inspired. So I think it's time I start doing art again. <3

I've found exactly who I am, I have the best inner and outer circle of friends ever. I keep meeting new and fascinating people. Life is amazing. I just hope to find somebody amazing to start spending my time with now.


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Activist, Vegan, Sketch Comedian, Jerry Maguire VHS Collector, Carl Sagan Enthusiast, and Gentle Overlord to the local tribe of mice.

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I like your art so far. Well, some of it!
Karizzle-Krist Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2012
Thanks. I'm working on deleting a lot of it and adding a lot of new stuff.
Your kitty's really cute :9
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Thank you very much :) The orange one has his own website :p
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thanks for the fav! bet youd like the rest of my gallery too!
Karizzle-Krist Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2010
You're welcome, and I'll definitely take a look around. I saw that picture of you in front of a wall you painted months ago.
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